Spoil your baby with the BEST Ethical Baby PLUSH ToysThese hot sellers (popular plush toys are a perfect gift for your baby)

ethical plush toys

 "Ethical from employee wages, work health safety to environmental impact."

ethical plush toys

  Lucy LLama Plush Toys  

This collection is what our customers absolutely adore!  They cannot get enough of the luxuriously super-plush high-quality fabric, that are safe, ethically made with love and care. 

Our popular "Huggie" Stuffed Animals Best Plush Toys has oh so soft OB Designs fur and lovely long ears.  With just one cuddle, you’ll never want to let him go. Irresistibly cute and a perfect gift. Everyone treasures this little grey koala.


ethical plush toys

 "All the packaging is zero waste, made from cotton and recycled cardboard while our toy manufacturer is Sedex accredited."






OB Design's baby comforter plush toys are used to help settle babies to sleep. They are flat which makes them light and easy for little ones to snuggle. Parents commonly use them to help move away from co-sleeping arrangements. Having their mum's smell really helps keep them settled.  

OB Design's Baby Sensory Ball helps stimulate sensory play.  This includes the baby's five senses:  Touch, Smell, Taste, Sight, and Hearing.  Sensory play is essential for your baby's development and a great way to do this through OB Designs Sensory balls.

Another great soft toy in addition to the baby sensory balls are OB Designs' "Koala Plush Baby Toys"  head over to our Stuffed Animals Plush Toys koalas -Kelly Koala to check it out, your baby will absolutely adore these little Huggies

ethical plush toys

Our toys and baby crochet blankets come from a place of love. The design process is initiated by thinking about who it is for and what they need and we then work back from there.


It is also paramount that all our fabrics are soft and tactile, designed to soothe and comfort. The crochet blankets capture this, being hand-made and from 100% natural materials. Likewise, we are committed to creating products that are ethical and sustainable. All the packaging is zero waste, made from cotton and recycled cardboard while our toy manufacturer is Sedex accredited. This means they are a proven ethical business, from employee wages, work health safety to environmental impact.

The latest challenge at O.B designs? To create products that can make the world a better place. We are currently developing a range of soft toys where a portion of sales is donated to the Kenyan Charity Rafiki Mwema, which cares for vulnerable children. Our aim with every toy sold is to help pay for their housing, where they are rehabilitated and loved, as well as donating a soft toy for each child. We are also committed to donating toys to Foster Children in our local region in the Northern Rivers.

We hope you enjoy the products as much as we love them