How Can a Custom Plush Toy From OB Benefit Your Company, School, Team or Organisation?

Want to increase your visibility in the community and leave a lasting impression? We can make any custom toy you can imagine. We can add branding, logos, embroidery, clothing or any other items and we can package it all up to make a very memorable promotional gift or irresistible fundraising item. Oh, and we make them using premium, sustainable materials so you can be assured that your organisation will always be affiliated with quality and eco credibility. Here’s 10 compelling ways a plush toy can help your cause....

1). Brand Visibility: Custom plush toys featuring the organization's logo or mascot can serve as a powerful branding tool. We have worked with hospitals, schools and charities to provide toys that act as a constant reminder of the organization and help reinforce brand recognition.

2). Memorable Merchandise: Plush toys are not only cute but also highly memorable. They can evoke positive emotions and create lasting impressions, making them perfect for giveaways or souvenirs that will provide positive reminders of your organisation for years to come.

3). Unique Fundraising Item: Custom plush toys can be sold or used as part of fundraising campaigns. People are often more willing to support a cause or organization when they receive something tangible in return, especially if it's unique and personalized.

4). Team Spirit: Plush toys featuring a school's mascot or a team's emblem can boost team spirit and camaraderie among students or athletes. They can serve as a morale booster and a symbol of unity.

5). Promotional Merchandise: Plush toys can be used as promotional merchandise for corporate events, trade shows, or giveaways. They're eye-catching, and attendees are more likely to keep and display them, extending the brand's reach.

6). Unique Gifts: Custom plush toys can be given as special gifts to students, employees, or club members to commemorate achievements, milestones, or special occasions. They are a thoughtful and unique way to express appreciation.

7). Educational Tools: Plush toys can be designed to educate and entertain. Schools and other educational organisations can use them as teaching aids, promoting learning in a fun and interactive way.

8). Safety, Quality and Sustainability: at OB Designs we are committed to toy safety. Every design is safety tested by independent laboratories before production. Our designs feature the most eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing practices and materials available.

9). Tailored Design: Customization allows for a unique design that reflects the organization's personality and values, making the plush toys one-of-a-kind and representative of the organization's mission.

10). Long-Lasting Keepsakes: Plush toys are often cherished and kept for years, providing an enduring connection between the organization and the recipient.



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