I am writing to express our deepest gratitude for the incredible experience we had working with your team to create our very own soft toy, the Rafiki Lion. The journey from concept to creation was nothing short of amazing, and the impact it has had on our fundraising efforts and overall marketing strategy has been truly remarkable.

 From the outset, Kate demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and creativity. The collaborative process of designing our custom Rafiki Lion allowed us to convey the essence of Rafiki Mwema in a tangible, huggable form. This unique and special soft toy has become a symbol of our charity, resonating deeply with our supporters and the broader community.

The ability to create our own soft toy has been a game-changer for our fundraising initiatives. The Rafiki Lion has not only captured the hearts of our donors but has also served as a powerful tool in our marketing campaigns. The attention to detail and the high-quality craftsmanship of the toy have elevated our brand image and helped us stand out in a crowded market.

Furthermore, the positive response from our community has been overwhelming. The Rafiki Lion has become more than just a stuffed animal; it has become a cherished companion for children and adults alike. Its timeless design ensures that it will be loved for a lifetime, making it a perfect symbol of the enduring impact of Rafiki Mwema.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the entire O.B. Designs team for making this collaboration not only seamless but also a delightful experience. Your commitment to excellence and passion for creating meaningful products have played a pivotal role in our success.

 In conclusion, thank you, O.B. Designs, for helping us bring the Rafiki Lion to life. This collaboration has not only enhanced our fundraising capabilities but has also allowed us to share our mission with a wider audience. We are forever grateful for the continued support you show Rafiki Mwema and the children in our care.

Warmest regards,

Sarah Rosborg 

Founder of Rafiki Mwema


I am happy to note that working with OB Designs on all of the custom projects that we have created with you has been nothing short of a great pleasure. OB Designs has been prompt, professional and always timely with communication, samples and most importantly with deliveries. To top it al off the quality of the toys is always first grade and the customer service you provide is always world class. I would recommend OB Designs to anyone who wants a high quality product at a good price and with the peace of mind that is required when handling project work.

Chris Tougelis

OPUS design P/L


We have worked with OB Designs since the inception of our business over 10 years ago. We've always been able to choose the products we need and they are delivered quickly. We love that OB Designs update their offering with fun new toys and refresh existing toys as well as the unique designs that include some of our favourite Australian animals. Most of all - the toys are high quality and super soft! They're always a hit with our gift recipients.

Thank you.


Byron Bay Gifts


From Royal Hospital for Women Foundation

I’ve collected some nice quotes from Royal parents that have been sent to us via social media. I hope these are suitable 

“They are so soft” – Jess, Royal Mum


“Both our children were born at the Royal & they love their koalas.” – Danielle, Royal Mum


“Really gorgeous…such a lovely thing.” – Sonya, Royal Mum


“It was lovely to come in and collect our Koala and Poppy loves it. Thank you for such a lovely gift.” – Leah, Royal Mum


How beautiful. Such a precious gift.” – Beth, Royal Mum


“They are beautiful koalas- my boys have one each and they sit very proud in their new home in the UK.” – Matt, Royal Dad


Thanks and kind regards,