O.B. Designs & Rafiki Mwema - A Powerful Partnership

Rafiki Mwema first met the legends at O.B. Designs back in 2015. At the time we didn’t know that we were embarking on a partnership that would provide for our children well into the future. Today, the organisation’s support comes in many forms from products to funds and cute collaborations. They are a small team of big-hearted and passionate individuals dedicated to Rafiki Mwema, having donated a massive $6,150 in addition to boxes of products for our children and fundraising activities. Their generosity continues as they sell our much loved Rafiki Lions and help us raise awareness through their community.

Meet O.B Designs

O.B Designs are located in Lennox Head which is the same town as Rafiki Mwema’s Australian HQ.

Their passion is designing and creating beautiful children’s toys and nursery decor that are both eco-friendly and ethically made. Founder, Kate Nicolson, strives to ensure they’re an ecologically and socially responsible company. They do this by using ecologically sustainable materials wherever possible. They only use reputable manufacturers that provide fair working conditions. And they work to create children’s products that will stand the test of time.

It is a social consciousness that extends to the support of children’s charities. Through this they make regular monetary donations or donate physical products. They are our kind of people and we are delighted to be their charity of choice.

Where it all started

O.B Designs first appeared on our radar in 2015. The team stepped in to create a memorable Christmas for our children by sending a 23kg box filled with gifts to Kenya (not a cheap or easy task!). As a result our girls received decorations, soft toys and many other beautiful and useful things. It was truly a Christmas to remember.

The Rafiki Lion

After their Christmas care package, O.B Designs continued to sponsor our children and support us in any way they could. Yet, they could still see we had huge needs in Kenya and wanted to do more. So in 2020 the Rafiki Lion was born – a collaboration between Rafiki Mwema and O.B Designs to create the perfect mascot for our brave children.

It was decided that with each purchase of a Rafiki Lion, O.B Designs would donate $5 directly to us. These funds would help cover the costs involved with our amazing new Rafiki Jasiri School.

“In Kenya, a Lion is a symbol of power and pride and is on their coat of arms,” says O.B’s Founder, Kate. “When the kids come to Rafiki they are broken and it is Rafiki Mwema’s mission to be a loyal friend and give them their power and pride back through love and education”.

Shortly after launching the Rafiki Lion, O.B Designs doubled their donations from product sales for the month of June 2020. The initiative added up quickly. They were able to donate $750 in a few short weeks, and our cuddly lion made his way around the world.

The team have recently donated an additional $2,525 to us from the sale of their Rafiki Lion.

It is an ongoing commitment to making a difference that brings joy to both our children in Kenya and little lion lovers around the world. 

Blankets, bonnets and booties

O.B. Designs came up with another Rafiki Mwema collaboration earlier this year – a limited run of crochet baby blankets, bonnets and booties in the Rafiki Mwema pink. Proceeds from the sale of these items will assist in Rafiki Mwema’s ongoing costs.

We love this as it is another way we’re able to raise funds together while also giving our supporters quality products to enjoy.


Ideal for a gift or keepsake these are classic pieces that will withstand the test of time.

Take advantage of our limited offer on these gorgeous pieces – buy a blanket and get booties and bonnet for free! 

We are forever grateful and excited to be aligned with O.B Designs and look forward to bringing you many more exciting collaborations.

We would love to hear from you if you are a business and think you can help.